Small Diameter Steel Balls Assemble Line.
Realization of the smoother conveying due to minimization of hit damage
by adopting catch and release method at centrifugal type bucket conveyor.

vertical conveying (upward)

steel balls

W400×H1,000×D500 [mm]

“Catch and Release” method of carrying makes possible to handle delicate materials carefully.
Patent pending
●Catch and Release” method of carrying
●Realization of the reasonable
“Catch and release” carrying mechanism
●accepting consultation requests

Production of fine powder carrying device for chemical plant.
1. Downsizing and Surface Treatment Grade-up
2. Accept Speed Control and Direct Operating Requests
3. Strengthening the sealing performance of the Bearing part & Maintenance Enhancement
Suggesting optimal solutions on meeting the design criteria under reasonable costs

Horizontal Conveying

Chemical Fine Powder

φ77×805L [mm]

Up down dividable Pipe Model Case