Chemicals Tray

Partitioned Drugs Storage Tray

The Tray size is easily adjusted by moving the partition to the needed size.

PP (polypropylene)

180(W) x 470(D) x 70(H)

Screw Element

Specific element of the screw part


φ45 x 54.5L

Tool holder for the work sites where paper holder cannot be used.
It’s made by Thomson punching processing.

Foamed polyethylene

Written at each photo`s side

Orders for ball shaped molded articles are also acceptable.
The heart-shaped mark on the photo is not a paint/print mark so there are no worries it might be peeled off.
Feel free to contact us for advice on material, size or design.

PHENOL RESIN 55mm(photo),acryl ,nylon ...etc.

We accept orders with sphere diameter 55mm (as in thehoto), or other diameters.

Breaker case

Products to be molded using the clients metal molding patterns.
We accept metal molding orders using a client’s mold patterns (previous consultation needed)


The Air-Lock Medicines Storage Box uses an air cylinder-drive locking mechanism, which helps to reduce various troubles.
This mechanism lets monitor <Who>and <When>took <What> drug by taking records every time the doors have been opened.

Maker:JSC “Higuchi Kinko"

Model # HAS-3

Available for 1 liter, 500 ml reagent bottle storage.

Model # HAG-2

Available for storage of 1 gallon bottle.

Model # HAH-2

Doors with shelf board let keep different type medicine bottles.

For use at automatic production lines in the plating / press production works of condenser, resistor, batteries, IC chip and other parts

Light-weight and durability

Combines light-weight with high durability properties.

High effectiveness

Due to its light weight compared with the steel-made ones, it makes working process more efficient.
And with its indication gauge, it makes easier to check up for a winding end, therefore making possible to use it in the CLEAN ROOM. (as there are no concerns for powder)

High Adjustability

Easy to adjust the core spacer width and diameter depending on the goods are being winded
* Please note however, that there might be cases when size adjustment cannot be applied.