By varying the number of screws parts the optimal length could be achieved what helps to save the installation time. As the conveying volumes are kept at almost- proportional- to- screw-rotation stable level the just needed capacity might be adjusted. Moreover, due to the hermetic structure of the screw there is no possibility of dust intervention from outside.

* Screw Blade Processing Samples
Shaft Length Adjustment Processing Taper Processing of Screw’s outer diameter

Carrying rice, wheat, various powder, feed, beans, silica and other bulk materials


Due to its lightweight Proside* reduces loads to the motor (Nylon specific gravity: 1.14, whereas that of iron is 7.85)

Hygienic and economical

Just like a stainless steel, it is free from the rust formation, though it is much cheaper.

Easy Fitting and assembly time-saving efficiency

By varying the number of screws parts the optimal length could be achieved what helps save the installation time. Moreover, as there is no need for welding or sanding as in case with metal, assembly time takes fewer time.
Resistance Features
Proside* has distinguished abrasion-resistance power.

Chemicals Resistance
Proside* demonstrates stable resistance characteristics to various chemicals and cannot be affected by weak acids and alkali ※however, acidic substances should not be used.

It may withstand high temperatures up to 60 C, and the heat resistant types withstand temperatures up to 100 C.
※Cold-resistant type (possible lowest temperature -20C) and antistatic models can also be made upon request.
Other optional processing to be implemented upon request:
Screw blade cutting
outer diameter.

Underwater use type models
feel free to consult when screw is to be used under water.

Outer diameter

φ12mm ?? φ200mm

Materials appropriate for processing

MC Nylon, UHMW-PE, POM, Fluororesin and etc.

・As it differs from the metal pattern production method, it makes possible to produce screw shaft with desirable size.
・The material a screw to be made from is up to your request.

Outer diameter

φ60mm ?? φ3000mm

Inner diameter

φ30mm ?? φ800mm


30mm ?? 800mm



Feed Direction

Left, Right


SS, SUS and etc.

・All above-mentioned is 1Pitch goods
・Orders are acceptable from 1 pcs
・We accept also requests for continuous winding screws
* please be advised to consult us whether your request is possible for processing.

Stop Collars

Intermediate Bearing

Stop Collars

To be used for fixing Proside* at both sides, <FC steel and stainless steel-made>

Intermediate Bearing

Nylon-made, applicable shaft diameter 25.4-60.5.

Screw Conveyor

U-shaped casing(trough) and Pipe-shaped casing types.

■Middle suspension mounting drawing

U trough type

Pipe type

♦Transportation record♦
Food Agriculture Industry Chemicals
Rice Feed Sand Calcium carbonate
Beans Fertilizer Stone
Culm Cone Dry soil Foundry sand
Lily Diatomaceous earth